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Boost Up Your Relationship Management System (CRM) Through Restoration Industry Software 

As we brace ourselves frestoration company crmor another year with possible restrictions and supply chain problems, one observation across all service industries has been the increased use of technology. COVID-19 has really sped up digital transformation and technology. In just a few months’ time, the pandemic has brought new ways in which companies in all sectors and regions do business. According to a new McKinsey Global Survey of executives, their companies have accelerated the digitization of their customer and supply-chain interactions and of their internal operations by three to four years. 

When asked about the impact of the crisis on a range of measures, executives say that the number of people in technology roles and funding for digital initiatives has increased faster than expected. But the key to investing in your business infrastructure is to maximize your existing team with their core strengths. In the restoration industry, you strive to balance your customer needs, your staff’s skills, and your resources to give great service at a profit. So how can you improve the workflow?

Designed by restorers for the restorer industry, the iRestore customer relationship management system allows you to easily manage all of your relationships at both a company level and individual level. Managing and tracking all relationships, including your previous customers and subcontractors, let’s you and your staff coordinate, gather and share information for a better customer experience. 

Serving a new customer gives you the opportunity to build relationships based on credibility and trust. Friends, family, and neighbors who have a disaster are likely going to hear from your previous customer regarding who they should call for help. When your software helps you track leads, your team will improve repertoire with potential clients. 

The iRestore system has the tools to build long-term relationships and strategic success and growth. For example, while in the field the team will have instant access to all information, including all job-related activity with voice-to-text notes.  

To enjoy all the opportunity that lies within each loss and call, your team must have an easy method for compiling and organizing information. By managing and engaging information from the new positive relationships, new referral sources and new opportunities, the business can grow naturally and organically. 

iRestore Restoration Management Software 

By maximizing your staff’s time and talents, you can improve the business flow through technological tools. iRestore is a complete customer service management solution made by restorers for the restorer restoration industry. Look at a complete solution that supports excellence in service. Call or request a demonstration of how your team can be more efficient.

Finding and Retaining Staff For Your Restoration Company in 2022

restoration company crmThe restoration industry is poised for continued growth this year; quality contractors’ phones will be ringing off the hook. Increased weather related damage, an aging inventory of residential and commercial properties, and better insurance coverages continue to create opportunities. Well positioned small, medium and larger companies have ample opportunities to find their niche in the restoration world.

As a restoration company, you may also face many challenges in the next year including material price increases, continuing supply-chain disruptions, and inflation. But the most difficult to tackle right now is labor.

Implementing a Restoration Company CRM

Lots Of Movement

People leave their jobs for a variety of reasons: a need for a better work-life balance, new career opportunities, higher pay, burnout, health and family reasons. And for customer teams, unfair compensation, unreasonable workload and inefficient tools cause frustration and dissatisfaction. 

The average rate of turnover among all companies in the US is almost 60%. More than half the workforce are either voluntarily leaving their jobs or being terminated; a quarter of all workers quit their jobs last year. This is 12% higher than 2019, likely a result of COVID-19-related layoffs.

And as the “Great Resignation” is expected to continue, restoration companies will continue to be challenged. In the latest report from The Farnsworth Group, 45% of residential contractors reported labor shortages in October 2021. This fourth quarter is expected to close with even more pressure to find good employees. The trades that require the most expertise and licensing will continue to be hardest to fill. So where will you look?  

Filling The Pipeline

Keep actively looking for new talent. Most restoration companies have trouble attracting candidates with experience. Trade schools have had decreased graduates due to less teachers and COVID restrictions. Your best bet is to look outside the usual circles for employees that can work your key hours. 

“The Skilled Trades Alliance,” “Rock the Trades” and “Bring Back the Trades” are organizations that promote and advance the trades. Get involved with other local organizations with an untapped talent pool: alternative high schools, moms reentering the workforce, veterans, etc.

Retain And Train Your Talent

What can employers do to slow attrition? Create a culture of improvement. New hires need hands-on experience to absorb skills while they train. Develop workshops, show them technical expertise, and give immediate and constructive feedback. Motivate and reward the experienced staff to mentor new employees.

Quality candidates realize that training in a solid industry is as important as current compensation; they are looking for stability and opportunity for future growth. A culture-rich work environment offers an exceptional employee experience for improvement. This mindset results in higher productivity, performance, and retention. 

Identify your most important teams and take targeted actions to support these workers. Create opportunities for all employees to be rewarded for profitable and effective suggestions that improve the customer experience. Ask them for best practices to improve the organization. Solicit feedback with open ended questions. Communicate the key findings to employees.

Then reward good ideas. Quickly turn insights into action that improve workflow. 

Providing superior tools and processes is another way to get those good performers satisfied. When the tools improve the workflow instead of impeding it, new talent can quickly get up to speed and your “high flyers” can soar.  

iRestore Restoration Management Software

Owners that can take steps to build and retain talented teams. You need more than good quality cleaning equipment, you need a plan. By maximizing your staff’s time and talents, key employees are empowered to build a successful restoration company. 

iRestore is a complete customer service management solution. We can help your customer service team members be more successful in their roles. Call us or request a demonstration of how you can set up an effective CRM for your restoration company.

Up Your Restoration Game In 2022

restoration company crmAs a restoration expert, your clients reach out to you on some of the worst days of their life. And because you’ve built a business with well trained technicians, quality commercial equipment and good business practices, your reputation has grown. Clients trust you to repair and restore their homes, businesses, and lives.  

And the future looks promising for disaster services. In the last couple of years, several factors have spurred the demand for industry services: climate change, more people working from home, an aging inventory of homes. Post Katrina, the restoration industry became more professional, organized and ready to respond to increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters. 

Currently, the restoration industry is worth about $210 billion and it looks to grow even more in the years ahead. Three out of five contractors predict a 27% increase in restoration and remediation work this year. But you must have a solid plan moving forward to be profitable and successful. 

Create An Effective CRM System For Your Restoration Company

Current Industry Challenges

Current surveys of managers in the trades reveal  top concerns: skilled labor shortages, increased supply costs, managing COVID, fear of inflation’s effect on capital acquisition. Good decisions you make now will help you grow and maintain your edge. In the years to come many predict the increased use of AI (artificial intelligence) in estimating, continued consolidation, and challenges in finding (and training) skilled workers. 

Maximize Your Resources

You need tools for the continuously changing needs and demands of the insurance restoration industry. iRestore is a restoration management software system designed “by Restorers for Restorers.” Utilizing the latest in iPhone and iPad technology, this software brings in field data in real time. iRestore’s philosophy is that job management and CRM are critical to the success of your restoration company. 

Hiring new staff will continue to be a challenge; you need to keep the quality team members that you have. In order to succeed with your existing team, you need to create an atmosphere in which each player  does what they do best. And few restoration technicians came into this business to cold call and handle customer complaints. 

Upgrade your restoration company CRM software. With it, you can manage and track all relationships including your previous customers and subcontractors. The iRestore CRM system gives your restoration company the tools to build long-term relationships and strategic success and growth. Out in the field, your team will have instant access to all information, including past and current  job-related activity. Other features include:

  • Organize all contacts by company and location
  • Interactive map with unique routing system allows you to efficiently design stops
  • Automatic scoring system helps prioritize and organize your marketing approach
  • Avoids duplicate entry by synchronizing all contact information with job-related relationships

iRestore Restoration Management Software

Owners that collaborate and value their teams build successful restoration company CRMs. This is the time to set your business up for success in 2022. By maximizing your staff’s time and talents, you can grow the business and keep key employees satisfied.  

Great people, great equipment and great tools will lead them to long-term success. iRestore is a complete customer service management solution. Call us or request a demonstration of how you can set up an effective CRM for your restoration company.


The Benefits Of A Restoration Company

restoration management system, restoration management software, restoration softwareAs restoration specialists at iRestore, we know that the most important asset to your restoration company is your relationships with clients and with your own company members. This job is not for the weak of heart, and often requires hard labor and dealing with people who are in emotional and physical distress while their home has undergone some type of disaster. Building and maintaining relationships will not only make your jobs easier for your restoration company but also help your business to grow. That being said, we also know how hard it is to stay on top of everything and manage all working relationships in your business when there are so many details that must be attended to with each restoration project. This is why we have come up with a relationship management system (CRM) for restoration companies to allow you to manage all your relationships at both a company and individual level


Restoration Company Client Relationship Management


Here are just a few of the benefits that come with investing in a restoration company CRM:


  1. Organize all your contacts. Having all your business contacts and client contacts in one organized location will help you to make sure you are keeping up with communications. Our system will organize all contacts by company and location, making it easy to navigate and find who you are looking for. This software will also synchronize all contact information with job-specific relationships to avoid duplicate entries. Through this database, contacting any of your contacts is available at the click of a button. We have used an efficient design that integrates all your contacts into your job and contact management features that allow you to email or call any contact with ease. 
  2. Interactive map. We know how confusing it can be to find locations, schedule stops, and manage addresses. Our system uses an interactive map with a unique routing system that allows you to plan your day and design stops in the most efficient routes. It also helps you find locations of workers, clients, and suppliers with ease.
  3. Manage follow-ups. One of the biggest relationship builders is communication and following up in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this can also be one of the hardest areas to keep up on and easily slides through the cracks. With our CRM, you can manage contact-related tasks and all follow-ups in an easy-to-use format so nothing gets forgotten. You can easily add notes across multiple platforms such as iPhones, iPods, laptops, and desktops so everyone on the job, no matter their location, can see which calls and follow-ups have been made and what still needs to be done. We have added a tagging system so you can organize and report your contacts that are personal to your organization to make sure that everyone involved in a specific project is aware and up to date on what is going on. 
  4. Business growth. Our system has an automatic scoring system that will help you prioritize and organize your marketing approach, and even runs referral and contact reports so you can stay on top of your revenue streams and relationships. This is so beneficial in keeping old relationships and forming new ones to grow your restoration company. 


Restoration Company CRM Must Have’s

restoration company crmRestoration business owners know that a good CRM is key to managing relationships with the different people you work with whether that is customers, insurance agents, adjustors, independent contractors, or anyone else that is important in managing a job.

Relationship management is difficult and when you are working on multiple jobs, you need a way to keep the information straight for each client. But, there are a few different features that your CRM should have to help you build your reputation as an organized restoration company that gets the job done with little to no delay or mistakes.

At iRestore, our goal with our restoration company CRM was to give restoration business owners exactly what they need to manage multiple jobs securely and easily. Because of the experience our own people have in the restoration industry, we had inside experience when we put this CRM together.

Key Elements Of A High-Functioning Restoration Company CRM

  1. Organization – A CRM is worthless if it cannot organize information the right way. You need to be able to manage jobs, store notes, and communication with different people working on a job. You also have to manage your employee workload, and your equipment to make sure you have enough manpower and the right equipment to get the job going and keep it going without delays. An error here means telling the client (and possibly the insurance agent), that you have to delay the start date. Not fun!
  2. Time – Time is always a factor in restoration jobs. You have emergency disasters that you need to respond to fast. To do that, our CRM includes a unique routing system so that you can effectively map out stops during your workday.
  3. Avoid Issues – CRM’s shouldn’t just manage your information, but help you manage them better. That’s why iRestore’s CRM synchronizes all contact information within specific projects. Making duplication of contacts and contact notes a thing of the past.
  4. Communication – Don’t worry any longer about having to write down phone numbers and emails. With this CRM, you have the ability to click a button and call or email whoever you need to. Save time and curb procrastination by making communication so much easier!
  5. Accessibility – One problem many restoration companies run into with different CRM’s is with accessibility. Your information doesn’t have to wait till the end of the day to be entered into the contact system. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to note information because can’t access the system till the end of the day. This platform can be used on computers, iPads, and on your phone. Easy access = better time management and efficiency….which ultimately leads to fewer errors and mistakes.

And this isn’t all that iRestore’s Restoration Management Software does. Our company was driven to provide the best software for restoration management and we believe we have. Find out for yourself. You can request a demo of the software and try it out for yourself. Want more information? Call us and talk to a specialist about how this CRM stands out from the others and can make your life as a restoration company owner so much better.