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Why Should I Have Project Management Software?

restoration project management softwareThe world is becoming more and more technologically advanced in recent years. It has become increasingly difficult to keep track of everything with papers and a mental checklist. However, it may be the way you have been doing it since the beginning of your company, and you are just used to it. Though change may seem challenging, it can bring on a more efficient business model, especially with the evolving world around us.

Restoration Project Management Software

If a company has been operating with a simple calendar for as long as the company has been operating, it may seem inconsequential to keep it the way it is. However, there are some reasons to consider switching the way you manage projects in your company. 

Organizational Advantages

Restoration companies like your own have to handle and keep track of seemingly endless claim documents, contacts, estimates, insurance information, and notes taken on the job. Losing even a single sheet of these valuable papers can create huge problems down the road. Using management software can ensure that this doesn’t happen by keeping it in a single digital repository to retrieve it whenever necessary. Submitting important documents and entering notes and contacts into this software can guarantee that nothing is lost. Additionally, any team member can access it when they need it. They are more likely to complete a restoration job on schedule and keep within a set budget. 

Increased Productivity

As mentioned prior, any team member can access important information to complete jobs, as well as keep notes and contacts in one place. By doing this, they are less likely to stay on the job site to complete restoration, rather than running back and forth from the office for this information. With all the necessary information at their fingertips, your business is guaranteed an increase in ROI. 

Not only that, but with the increase in restoration demand, it may be confusing for employees to keep track of each job. The needs of each restoration can be met properly without forgetting the necessary steps and jobs aren’t accidentally confused for others. 

Tracking Financials

Keeping track of a budget for every home can be difficult, especially when there are so many restoration jobs. Unforeseen costs can pile up and carve away profit margins for the job. With crucial financial data stored in a single database, managers and executives can continually be informed based on real-time financial numbers across the entire organization. Restoration jobs can be kept within the budget and keep profits up. The last thing that a company needs are surprise costs that end up turning a job into a bigger loss than a gain.

Where Can I Get Project Management Software?

After considering the advantages of management software, iRestore can help you venture into this new world of technology. The tools that are offered will improve operations within your company and improve organizational habits. iRestore provides a one-stop place for all of your data that can be shared companywide to make both employees and customers happy.

Managing Restoration & Reconstruction Jobs

restoration management softwareiRestore, restoration management software, gives you all the tools to proactively manage your jobs. 

  • Job Notes, Pictures, Contacts
  • Estimating and Scoping 
  • Job Profitability, Timecards, and Purchase Orders
  • Schedule and Tasks
  • Timelines and more

With all the tools to manage your jobs, your relationships, and your company, consistency in the application is a key to successful operations. With the tools and infrastructure, the next step is to apply best practices and processes consistently.  

iRestore’s Restoration Management Software For Project Management

In Restoring Success, Inconsistency:  The Silent Enemy of Your Restoration Company,  Lisa Lavender, makes the case that consistency has a direct impact on: 

  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Credibility
  • Reliability
  • Growth (both for individuals and organizations)

Proactively managing jobs and good documentation is a key to operational success. Having the tools to be effective and efficient at managing and documenting the details of water mitigation, construction, mold remediation, etc. is the first step. Once you have the tools in place, teams must be trained, engaged, and held responsible for the clearly defined expectations of the company.  

Our FREE Job Checklist for job management gives you the tools to: 

  • Train your team on consistent job documentation and project management
  • Clearly define the most critical best practices in updating a job and managing the project 
  • Use as a job audit checklist for quality control and to hold team members responsible

Key elements of ongoing job documentation

  • Meaningful contact and information
  • Who, how, date of communication(s)
  • Are interested parties happy with the progress, status updates, and next steps or are there concerns that need to be addressed
  • Identification of challenges and the solutions to overcoming the challenges
  • Key contacts and interested parties are part of the job record

Managing Job Profitability

There are several keys to proactively managing job profitability. The following short list will help you and your team keep jobs on track and within budget: 

  • Job Costing:  Your accounting system and operations must support accurate and timely job costing methods. 
  • Transparency:  Responsible team members must have access to timely and accurate cost data.
  • Scope:  Deviations in scope must be proactively managed and accounted for in the estimating and invoicing practices of the company. 
  • Estimating:  The operations must support and maintain best practices in creating and executing accurate and thorough estimating practices. 

Develop your best practices by using this checklist. Define the intervals of updating and managing the jobs in your company and assign the responsibility. 


Project Manager must provide a minimum of a weekly update. 

Site Supervisor must provide an update daily. 

Consistent, effective, and efficient deployment of key functions in your restoration, mitigation, and remediation company requires the company to have the right training, tools, and clearly defined expectations. iRestore management software provides the tools to help your team manage critical functions and keep everything organized, transparent, profitable, and customers happy.  

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