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We believe that successful restoration companies are built by individuals that collaborate and synergize in serving its purpose. It’s about great people, restoration professionals, and providing tools that will lead them to long-term success.

Our vision is that iRestore is your complete solution to operating your company by serving the individuals and team while supporting excellence in service. We believe that companies who utilize iRestore must add:


Passion, Goals, Success


Beliefs, Ideals, Philosophy


Engagement, Purpose, Accountability

We will provide the system and support. Your iRestore is designed by Restorers for Restorers.


Ryan Smith, President/CEO of iRestore, was born into a family of restorers and worked for his father’s company in the 1980s. While playing demolition man by day, he found his true talent was programming his father’s IBM XT by night. After earning a degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida, he soon owned and operated his own Restoration Company and earned his own set of IICRC credentials.

In 2012 Ryan sold his business, realizing that his talent was in programming. He combined both his passion for the Restoration Industry and programming by developing iRestore.

Flash forward a few years, and Lisa Lavender, COO of Berks Fire Water Restorations, Inc., a large regional firm located in Pennsylvania with over 60 restoration professionals, and COO of Restoration Technical Institute, a training center that believes in inspiring happiness, pride, and innovation in other industry professionals throughout the country, began evaluating new systems to support the operations of her company.

She was drawn to iRestore immediately, not just because of its attractive pricing, but because she identified with the friendliness of the design. The intuitive nature of how it was designed supported a restoration company’s most critical functions. The CRM and marketing design was robust and supported her belief that in this industry the ultimate marketing strategy is building long-term relationships built on trust.

From there, Lisa and Ryan began working closely on developing iRestore for Berks Fire Water Restorations. The two shared instant synergy as they worked together and quickly realized they made a perfect team.

Lisa continually proclaimed her joy about the developments and ideas her and Ryan were making together to her husband Ted. One day, he simply stated, “Ask him if he wants to become partners.” The rest is history. Ryan, Lisa, and Ted officially joined forces in January 2018.

For Lisa and Ted, it is more than entering the software industry – It is a true extension of the passion they found in serving other restorers through their training center, Restoration Technical Institute. They find joy in sharing their mistakes, successes, and anything else that could help another colleague succeed.