Utilizing Digital Documents With Restoration Industry Software

Restoration Industry SoftwareIn today’s day and age, restoration businesses do not have to rely solely on paper if it no longer fits their needs. In fact, a recent study performed by Deloitte found that 94% of business owners agreed that digitizing paper documents and making a digital transformation was one of the top priorities for their organizations. Why is utilizing digital documents an ideal option for restoration companies, and really any business? Here are just a few reasons you may want to consider document digitization for your restoration company.

Restoration Industry Software

  1. Storing paper documents requires space and lots of it. Desks, shelves, counters, and filing cabinets can only hold so much paper before they’re filled up and overflowing. In other words, even more, physical space is needed in order to store the rest of your documents plus the ones to come. Document digitization reduces the need for physical storage in your office space, making your place feel larger, more open, and even more organized.
  2. Thumbing through paper after paper looking for a specific document takes time and keeping paper documents organized, and easy to find is nearly impossible. When you make your records and documents digital, you can search for the specific file you need by simply typing in a word. Files can be retrieved within moments, saving you a lot of time and improving efficiency in your business.
  3. Minimizing operating costs is a huge priority for every business, especially for restoration companies. Paperless documentation helps employees be more efficient, saves time on tasks, decreases material costs, and shares information faster. By going digital, you can organize, schedule, document, and execute projects easier, resulting in lower operating costs.
  4. With the number of documents that a restoration company needs to go through and store every day per project, losing or misplacing a paper or two is bound to happen. When you switch to digital documents, everything is filed, saved, and backed up so nothing gets lost. Important documents will be saved on software that allows you to find them quickly when you need them, and keep them stored and secured when you don’t.  

Many different businesses need to store hundreds, if not thousands, of records and information, especially within the restoration services. Maintaining, storing, organizing, finding, and sharing paper documents can be a hassle. Utilizing digital documentation and storage streamlines your business. If you are ready to maximize your workflow and project management through digital documentation, then iRestore has the system for you. Our restoration industry software was built by restoration professionals for restoration professionals with the purpose of helping you file, store, and share digital documents in files. Employees can access information remotely, share information with each other, and save documents from project sites. Our software also helps with scheduling, storing contact information, and all the other tools you need in order to run your business more smoothly and efficiently. Give you and your employees the tools they need to be successful, manage projects, schedule equipment, and store documents and files optimally with restoration industry software.

Improving Your Restoration Business With Project Management Software

restoration project management softwareStarting your restoration business was pretty straightforward: IICRC training, obtaining insurance, purchasing equipment, hiring the right team, etc. High quality work improved relationships and the business reputation But now that it is growing, how does your restoration business stay organized? 

iRestore Restoration Project Management Software 

Each of your team members is great at knowing certain aspects of your clients’ restoration projects. And everyone on your staff has a different method for organizing that information: an old fashioned “little black book”, white boards, Daytime calendars, index cards, Rolodex cards, sticky notes, color coded highlighters pens, and a new and improved filing system.  

The iRestore software was developed by restoration insiders with day to day experience of the industry. The software has been developed for the ways in which you and your team use and share information from your restoration jobs. Easily see your work in production, outstanding tasks, gross profits and top referrals in one quick glance. All critical information is linked to the robust CRM, allowing you to manage and develop all of your relationships

  • Reporting: Designed for both external and internal reporting and communications
  • Job Related Contacts: Subcontractors, Inspectors, Adjusters, Agents, and more
  • Tasks: Allows assignment and management of the details in job execution
  • Documents: Contracts, Job Scopes, Inspections Reports, and more
  • Dry Log: Document your monitoring process and progress
  • Job Scope Tool: Provides thorough and accurate records 

How will those features help you in your restoration business? 

Plan Projects With Usable, Valuable Data

The iRestore reporting systems give real time and valuable information to help you improve the workflow. Breaking complex projects into easily manageable units will allow you to recombine that information. For example, using an interactive map can build more efficient schedules. Gain more control with subtasks, recurring tasks, dependencies and blueprints using our project management tool.

Keeping information in a central place can even link job information with equipment records and billing. Pictures, notes and contact info can all live in the same file– accessible to all.   

Clear, easy to read charts can provide a visual representation of progress against goals. Now the managers can set baselines and team members can record critical tasks. Generating detailed project reports on demand will prove invaluable as a project management tool.

Track Time With Built-In Integration  

“Time is money”. Maximizing each team member’s hours will help you all work smarter, not harder. Everyone that is working on a job can easily log their billable and non-billable hours using timesheets, generating accurate invoices from approved timesheet entries. 

Manage And Collaborate Effortlessly

Employees, managers, and clients can share information from the field or from the office by commenting on tasks or monitoring feeds. Your team will always have access to the latest version of all project documents, presentations, or spreadsheets with online document tools. Instead of chasing updates with voicemails and emails, get the info the team needs instantly. 

Successful restoration companies are built by owners that collaborate and value their team; iRestore helps you build on that success. By making the most of the information that your team gathers on site and in the office, you can improve communication  and efficiency for your restoration clients. iRestore is a complete customer service management solution made by restorers exclusively for the restorer restoration industry. Call or request a demonstration of how your team, and overall business, can benefit.

3 Ways Restoration Management Software Helps Build Customer Relationships

restoration management softwareWhen working in the restoration industry, customer service is essential to be successful. Customer service for restoration project workers and managers might include; developing a restoration plan that fits the needs and expectations of the client, handling questions, concerns, or complaints, showing empathy for damages and losses, communicating the status of the project, responding to issues when they arise and following up with client satisfaction. Customer service can encompass a number of situations and issues in business. Whatever the situation may be, customers feel more satisfied with the work that was done and the overall end result when they feel like they received valuable in-person interactions, with their restoration company, and satisfied customers should be the number one priority for restoration companies.

Restoration Management Software And The Customer Experience

There are ways to meet your customers’ expectations but if you want to stand out in your industry, you really need to go above the standard of expectation. iRestore is committed to helping restoration business owners manage their businesses successfully and that includes the customer relationship. Our restoration management software is designed to do so many things that can improve the internal workings of your business AND optimize the customer experience.

Here are 3 major ways that iRestore’s restoration management software can help promote an attentive and detailed customer relationship and help you succeed in your business.

  1. Get to know your customers. Understanding who you are working for and with, what their situation is, what their expectations are, and what they value will help you make sure your restoration work is tailored to their specific needs. Be prepared with answers to the most frequently asked questions, and when meeting with the customer for the first time be sure to ask what their specific desires or requirements for the restoration project are so you can make sure your plan aligns with their desired outcome. The more you get to know the customer, the more trust you build with them which means the more satisfied they will be once restoration is complete. The restoration management software allows you to keep notes for your contacts, contact them at the press of a button, and optimize your relationship with other professionals working on the job.
  2. Show empathy for the customer and their situation. Dealing with restoration is a high-emotion and high-stress job. Customers are often completely overwhelmed and devastated by the damage done to their homes and belongings, so being able to show empathy, compassion, and understanding for their situation is so important. Putting yourself in their situation and treating them how you would want to be treated when dealing with a disaster will help you to greatly improve the relationship you develop with customers and the service you are able to provide. Be mindful of this and use the restoration management software to provide quick follow up emails or phone calls and manage notes so that other techs on the job are filled in with all the information they need before they arrive on-site, and
  3. Provide prompt and accurate answers to customers’ questions. Most customers have not experienced a property disaster before, so it is natural for them to have questions, concerns, and feelings of stress related to the job. Using the restoration management software can help you lay out a plan for your customer so that they know what to expect, who to expect and when to expect it.

While these 3 tips may seem simple, they can make a huge impact on the customer service you provide. iRestore’s restoration management software makes it easy for business owners and their employees to pull up detailed information from their phones, ipads, or on the computer and to relay information to customers quickly and accurately. Request a demo today to learn more! 

How Restoration Industry Software Can Help You Be More Organized

restoration industry softwareWith the beginning of a new year, most people and businesses have goals of getting more organized. Organization in businesses, especially restoration companies, leads to improved budgeting and cost management, better communication with employees and customers, and a great understanding and control over operations. When dealing with restoration projects, time is so important, and getting everything and everyone scheduled to be where they need to be within a moment’s notice can sometimes be, well, disorganized and chaotic. Here are two basic habits you can work on to help you be more organized in your business and life in general:

1. Write things down. 

One of the biggest mistakes we make is telling ourselves we will remember that when there are a million other things we have on our minds. We cannot be expected to remember every detail, every address, or every schedule on our own. By writing things down though, we can be sure that nothing gets forgotten or falls through the cracks. Dates, contacts, schedules, and addresses of restoration projects can go from hectic to helpful just by making a list and keeping a record. We are going to take this step a bit further though, since many of us do not carry around paper and a pen with us nowadays. We do, however, have smart phones and devices that can allow us to access digital lists, and even create and share files that can be accessed and updated by multiple users. Through restoration industry software, you can create notes, contact lists, address books, and schedules that can be edited by and shared with members of the restoration team so that no one or no project falls through the cracks. 

2. Set deadlines and make schedules. 

Organized people and companies know that time is valuable, especially when dealing with disaster restoration. Being organized means you do not waste time, which means you are more productive. Without schedules and deadlines, time can easily get away from us. When everyone is on the same page, knows the schedule, and has set deadlines, time is rarely wasted. To successfully stick to deadlines and stay on schedule, you must be organized and planning must be done beforehand. For each project you are working on, create a schedule with deadlines for each step of the restoration project to be completed by. Make sure these schedules and deadlines are effectively communicated with team members, and that proper planning and coordinating are done in accordance with the schedule. Again, the best way to communicate deadlines and schedules across multiple platforms and to multiple technicians is by utilizing restoration industry software, you can create and share schedules, set deadlines, and send reminders and alerts to team members. Coordinating equipment drop-off, monitoring, and pick-up schedules becomes much more organized when it is done in one place that everyone can see. Utilize the software available specifically for restoration companies to help you create more organized schedules and set attainable deadlines for projects and you will be amazed at how much more efficient your time management will be.

Stay Organized With Restoration Industry Software

In summary, our goal at iRestore is to help you become more organized so you can reap the benefits that come from better organization skills. Our restoration industry software was developed with you in mind, and will help make everything more accessible and organized so you can focus more on restoring homes and less on the behind-the-scenes details.