Up Your Restoration Game In 2022

Up Your Restoration Game In 2022

restoration company crm

restoration company crmAs a restoration expert, your clients reach out to you on some of the worst days of their life. And because you’ve built a business with well trained technicians, quality commercial equipment and good business practices, your reputation has grown. Clients trust you to repair and restore their homes, businesses, and lives.  

And the future looks promising for disaster services. In the last couple of years, several factors have spurred the demand for industry services: climate change, more people working from home, an aging inventory of homes. Post Katrina, the restoration industry became more professional, organized and ready to respond to increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters. 

Currently, the restoration industry is worth about $210 billion and it looks to grow even more in the years ahead. Three out of five contractors predict a 27% increase in restoration and remediation work this year. But you must have a solid plan moving forward to be profitable and successful. 

Create An Effective CRM System For Your Restoration Company

Current Industry Challenges

Current surveys of managers in the trades reveal  top concerns: skilled labor shortages, increased supply costs, managing COVID, fear of inflation’s effect on capital acquisition. Good decisions you make now will help you grow and maintain your edge. In the years to come many predict the increased use of AI (artificial intelligence) in estimating, continued consolidation, and challenges in finding (and training) skilled workers. 

Maximize Your Resources

You need tools for the continuously changing needs and demands of the insurance restoration industry. iRestore is a restoration management software system designed “by Restorers for Restorers.” Utilizing the latest in iPhone and iPad technology, this software brings in field data in real time. iRestore’s philosophy is that job management and CRM are critical to the success of your restoration company. 

Hiring new staff will continue to be a challenge; you need to keep the quality team members that you have. In order to succeed with your existing team, you need to create an atmosphere in which each player  does what they do best. And few restoration technicians came into this business to cold call and handle customer complaints. 

Upgrade your restoration company CRM software. With it, you can manage and track all relationships including your previous customers and subcontractors. The iRestore CRM system gives your restoration company the tools to build long-term relationships and strategic success and growth. Out in the field, your team will have instant access to all information, including past and current  job-related activity. Other features include:

  • Organize all contacts by company and location
  • Interactive map with unique routing system allows you to efficiently design stops
  • Automatic scoring system helps prioritize and organize your marketing approach
  • Avoids duplicate entry by synchronizing all contact information with job-related relationships

iRestore Restoration Management Software

Owners that collaborate and value their teams build successful restoration company CRMs. This is the time to set your business up for success in 2022. By maximizing your staff’s time and talents, you can grow the business and keep key employees satisfied.  

Great people, great equipment and great tools will lead them to long-term success. iRestore is a complete customer service management solution. Call us or request a demonstration of how you can set up an effective CRM for your restoration company.


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