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Why Should I Have Project Management Software?

restoration project management softwareThe world is becoming more and more technologically advanced in recent years. It has become increasingly difficult to keep track of everything with papers and a mental checklist. However, it may be the way you have been doing it since the beginning of your company, and you are just used to it. Though change may seem challenging, it can bring on a more efficient business model, especially with the evolving world around us.

Restoration Project Management Software

If a company has been operating with a simple calendar for as long as the company has been operating, it may seem inconsequential to keep it the way it is. However, there are some reasons to consider switching the way you manage projects in your company. 

Organizational Advantages

Restoration companies like your own have to handle and keep track of seemingly endless claim documents, contacts, estimates, insurance information, and notes taken on the job. Losing even a single sheet of these valuable papers can create huge problems down the road. Using management software can ensure that this doesn’t happen by keeping it in a single digital repository to retrieve it whenever necessary. Submitting important documents and entering notes and contacts into this software can guarantee that nothing is lost. Additionally, any team member can access it when they need it. They are more likely to complete a restoration job on schedule and keep within a set budget. 

Increased Productivity

As mentioned prior, any team member can access important information to complete jobs, as well as keep notes and contacts in one place. By doing this, they are less likely to stay on the job site to complete restoration, rather than running back and forth from the office for this information. With all the necessary information at their fingertips, your business is guaranteed an increase in ROI. 

Not only that, but with the increase in restoration demand, it may be confusing for employees to keep track of each job. The needs of each restoration can be met properly without forgetting the necessary steps and jobs aren’t accidentally confused for others. 

Tracking Financials

Keeping track of a budget for every home can be difficult, especially when there are so many restoration jobs. Unforeseen costs can pile up and carve away profit margins for the job. With crucial financial data stored in a single database, managers and executives can continually be informed based on real-time financial numbers across the entire organization. Restoration jobs can be kept within the budget and keep profits up. The last thing that a company needs are surprise costs that end up turning a job into a bigger loss than a gain.

Where Can I Get Project Management Software?

After considering the advantages of management software, iRestore can help you venture into this new world of technology. The tools that are offered will improve operations within your company and improve organizational habits. iRestore provides a one-stop place for all of your data that can be shared companywide to make both employees and customers happy.

Embracing Technology In The Restoration Industry

restoration project management softwarePredicting the future of your restoration company has never been easy. “Business as usual” certainly has been unusual this decade. Consider the high speed of change, political uncertainty, health challenges, safety protocols, and an ever-changing market. Just think of how the last decade of technology has shifted our interaction with employment, communication, education, and online shopping. 

Have you put your company in a position to adapt and capitalize on these changes? For the past few years, most restoration professionals have worked within the constraints of the COVID-19 situation by inventing new processes and policies “on the fly.” As the pandemic stabilizes, you have to take purposeful actions to stay nimble, flexible, and alert for additional shifts in the industry. 

Lingering Supply Chain And Labor Problems

Two wheels on your metaphorical car are supplies and people– both are in short supply. Lead times on many materials are still affected by supply chain disruption. Commodity costs like lumber and sheetrock continue to rise. Some specific technological equipment is still affected by chip shortages in the manufacturing process; thankfully most have eased since last year. However, signs of inflation keep pressure on you to make capital investments sooner, not later. 

Most metro areas are still struggling to fill vacant positions for frontline workers. Many companies have had to limit growth due to available staff. To locate great people you need to take deliberate action. As a leader, you need to make locating staff a priority and incorporate weekly recruiting activities to keep your pipeline full. 

Opportunities Via Automation And Digitization 

Your continuing challenge is to identify opportunities to get more done by managing the data you have and can easily access. For example, tap into crowd-sourced data to improve your estimating process. 

Many activities, from project management to job site tracking, can be reworked to maximize results. When the physical world becomes digitized, like with Matterport or DocuSketch, many functions can be automated: measurement, drawing, and estimating. This will allow estimators to produce faster and more accurate estimates.

Search out new systems to automate repetitive, manual processes to lower operating costs and improve accuracy. Interconnected tools (phones, tablets, laptops) using 5G technology can provide immediate job site communications to the office and insurance companies. Every minute saved in sharing info at the site of water damage can represent less damage and faster drying time. And if the job tracking information is more accurate, invoices might get paid quicker. 

Take note that all of this technology will increase the cyber risks in your business. Manage your data, maintain standards, and protect your business from the many controllable data breaches. 

Moving Forward In Uncertain Times

Face the operational challenges today with the best tools and team you can find. This technology revolution is really imminent. Like you, iRestore focuses on solutions and continues to embrace change. Do your homework, create a nimble company, and look for partners to leverage this technology. 

Explore iRestore Restoration Project Management Software

As you assess the current situation and make plans for the future, you are gathering data and exploring ideas to manage growth. iRestore offers project management exclusively for the restoration industry. iRestore has tools to improve operations and add efficiencies with a minimum learning curve for your staff.

Maximize Profits with Effective Equipment Management

restoration project management softwareThe restoration business can be a profitable business that is vital for homeowners facing a crisis. But as a business owner, you know how difficult it is to stay on top for the offerings.  Industry estimates suggest that most restoration companies invested between $50,000and $150,000 just to get started. In addition to supplies and personal protection equipment, you’ll have to have: 

  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Power saws 
  • Ladders
  • Generators
  • Lights
  • Commercial air movers
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Phones 

Restoration Project Management Software

Keeping track of which “stuff” is available and which “stuff” is already on a job site is critical for great restoration results. While your team is onsite, you want them focussing on the client, not the inventory list. Paper lists and shared spreadsheets create a lot of opportunity for mistakes.  

It also takes a lot of time to process orders from each sales channel separately and to make regular manual stock checks– time better spent building your business. And in a time with supply chain issues exist across the board, lags in reordering when stock levels are low could result in missed opportunities for you. Instead, implement an inventory management system to automate and coordinate these tasks.

Your team can choose to track with your existing tracking numbers. Or you could use iRestore’s efficient barcode feature. Your staff will now track equipment easily with a user-friendly interface implemented across all platforms. Use this accurate data to improve overall reporting and maintenance records. 

Equipment management software can send automatic reminders when the replacement date of parts is approaching, or when specific parts are missing in your inventory, so you can purchase them in advance. At the same time, you can avoid overstocking and wasting money.

Features of Equipment Management Software 

  • Repairs and Maintenance can be easily tracked and documented
  • System allows you to assign equipment to jobs, storage, vehicles, and employees
  • All assigned equipment not “pulled” on the last day of a job is kept track of to help ensure that no equipment is left behind
  • Allows you to monitor and evaluate your inventory in multiple ways
  • Create detailed logs, custom invoices, estimates, and supporting documentation
  • Consecutive scanning feature allows for fast and efficient equipment transfers. (Keep track of equipment’s serial number, purchase date, price)
  • Integrates for all hard assets within the system: phones, devices, computers, meters.

iRestore Project Management Software 

iRestore helps you organize data to build on the success of your restoration business. By making the most of the information that your team gathers on site and in the office, you can improve communication and efficiency for your restoration clients.

iRestore provides affordable and easy-to-use software for restoration service companies. Using the latest in iPhone and iPad technology, this software collects data from the field in real time for a more accurate “big picture” view. Since both job management and CRM (customer relationship management) are critical to your success, keeping your information in an easy to use format will empower your business.

Call or request a demonstration of how your business can benefit.

Improving Your Restoration Business With Project Management Software

restoration project management softwareStarting your restoration business was pretty straightforward: IICRC training, obtaining insurance, purchasing equipment, hiring the right team, etc. High quality work improved relationships and the business reputation But now that it is growing, how does your restoration business stay organized? 

iRestore Restoration Project Management Software 

Each of your team members is great at knowing certain aspects of your clients’ restoration projects. And everyone on your staff has a different method for organizing that information: an old fashioned “little black book”, white boards, Daytime calendars, index cards, Rolodex cards, sticky notes, color coded highlighters pens, and a new and improved filing system.  

The iRestore software was developed by restoration insiders with day to day experience of the industry. The software has been developed for the ways in which you and your team use and share information from your restoration jobs. Easily see your work in production, outstanding tasks, gross profits and top referrals in one quick glance. All critical information is linked to the robust CRM, allowing you to manage and develop all of your relationships

  • Reporting: Designed for both external and internal reporting and communications
  • Job Related Contacts: Subcontractors, Inspectors, Adjusters, Agents, and more
  • Tasks: Allows assignment and management of the details in job execution
  • Documents: Contracts, Job Scopes, Inspections Reports, and more
  • Dry Log: Document your monitoring process and progress
  • Job Scope Tool: Provides thorough and accurate records 

How will those features help you in your restoration business? 

Plan Projects With Usable, Valuable Data

The iRestore reporting systems give real time and valuable information to help you improve the workflow. Breaking complex projects into easily manageable units will allow you to recombine that information. For example, using an interactive map can build more efficient schedules. Gain more control with subtasks, recurring tasks, dependencies and blueprints using our project management tool.

Keeping information in a central place can even link job information with equipment records and billing. Pictures, notes and contact info can all live in the same file– accessible to all.   

Clear, easy to read charts can provide a visual representation of progress against goals. Now the managers can set baselines and team members can record critical tasks. Generating detailed project reports on demand will prove invaluable as a project management tool.

Track Time With Built-In Integration  

“Time is money”. Maximizing each team member’s hours will help you all work smarter, not harder. Everyone that is working on a job can easily log their billable and non-billable hours using timesheets, generating accurate invoices from approved timesheet entries. 

Manage And Collaborate Effortlessly

Employees, managers, and clients can share information from the field or from the office by commenting on tasks or monitoring feeds. Your team will always have access to the latest version of all project documents, presentations, or spreadsheets with online document tools. Instead of chasing updates with voicemails and emails, get the info the team needs instantly. 

Successful restoration companies are built by owners that collaborate and value their team; iRestore helps you build on that success. By making the most of the information that your team gathers on site and in the office, you can improve communication  and efficiency for your restoration clients. iRestore is a complete customer service management solution made by restorers exclusively for the restorer restoration industry. Call or request a demonstration of how your team, and overall business, can benefit.

​​Restoration Project Management Software For Your Business

Restoration Project Management SoftwareIt’s amazing how many project managers overlook the business side of restoration projects. Read more to learn more about what you can do to increase the efficiency of your construction business, and then implement this knowledge in your business today.

Restoration Project Management Software For Your Business

Project management software helps businesses manage their projects and processes. It provides a centralized place to store information and documents, and it keeps track of tasks, timelines, and budgets. Restoration project management software is not that different from regular project management software in terms of what it does–it helps restoration companies plan out, execute, keep track of, and close out restoration projects.

One example of restoration project management software is iRestore. This system enables your team to work more efficiently by providing all the tools for managing your business in one place:

  • A client portal for easy communication with clients about progress on projects
  • Digital document storage for keeping crucial information like estimates organized
  • A calendar to help plan out and schedule projects so you can complete them on time
  • Invoicing tools that help keep you paid as quickly as possible

What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is a tool that can be used to help organize, plan, track and analyze the work you need to do for your business. It makes communication and collaboration easy for projects and helps ensure tasks are completed on time.

Project management software is not just a tool for large businesses with teams of employees dedicated to project management. In fact, it is an extremely valuable tool even if you are a small business owner who only has a few people working with you at any one time.

Why did we create iRestore?

If you’re a restoration professional, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of multiple projects at once. You have millions of things to do, and it seems like there’s always something that needs your attention and then some.

We created iRestore because we were frustrated with the lack of good options out there for restoration project management. We’re restoration industry veterans, and we know how hard it is to find software that matches your needs—and your budget.

After years of trying to make do with the wrong tools, we decided it was time to make our own software. And that’s how iRestore was born.

The goal of iRestore has always been to solve the problems that are unique to the restoration business and make it easier for you to run every aspect of your company from one place. So you can get back to doing what you love—restoring buildings!

The Main Features of iRestore

iRestore, the all-in-one business management software, is your best bet for boosting productivity and getting more done in less time. Here’s a quick rundown of the main features that are going to help you get there:

  • A calendar to help you track your appointments, keep you on task, and help you manage your time better
  • Reports to help you understand your data and the way in which your company is performing
  • Workflow management tools that allow you to set up and administer each individual aspect of your operation
  • Vendor management tools that help you manage contracts, pricing, and more regarding the vendors your business uses
  • Customer management tools that help you keep track of leads and existing customers, note any sales or customer service history with them, and send them information about new offers or discounts as needed
  • Tools for managing tasks and jobs—ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and that everything is being tracked properly from start to finish. This includes detailed information about each job, pictures uploaded by staff members, notes related to the job’s progress or customer interactions, interactive maps showing where jobs are located, equipment records related to those jobs (including warranty information), billing details for each job, and profitability reports for each job.

The Competitive Edge of iRestore

iRestore is a full-service project management software. This software allows you to manage every aspect of your restoration business, from scheduling and dispatching to invoicing and reporting. But iRestore isn’t only industry specific; it helps you streamline and improve many of your daily processes as well.

One of the top benefits of using iRestore is that it’s easy to use and implement into your business, regardless if you have just started out or have been in business for years. You can easily take advantage of iRestore’s simplistic interface and start putting all the features to work for you. With the supported integration capabilities, you can keep all the information from your work orders flowing between systems with ease.

Restoration Project Management Software

As a restoration business owner, you are constantly busy. You don’t have the time or energy to deal with running your business and a separate project management software. You need something simple and effective that can handle the job for you without being a pain in the neck to work with.

iRestore is the perfect software for your needs. If you are not using it already, then you should start as soon as possible. It will make your life so much easier and improve your business at the same time.

iRestore is easy to use, affordable and accessible from anywhere at any time. It does everything that other project management softwares do, but better and easier! This is why iRestore is so popular in many different industries including restoration companies like yours. Try our unique platform.