Keep Running Productively Through The Season With Advanced Restoration Software

restoration software, human resource softwareFor many restoration companies, winter is the time of year when it is necessary to increase your manpower. It is also the time of year when employees are requesting vacation time for holidays or taking sick leave due to seasonal illnesses. It’s also the time of year when your employees (and y0ur company) are gathering and preparing all of the years’ documents for tax season!

When so much is going on with y0ur employees, keeping them on-task and productive may be a bit of a challenge. However, limiting their distractions can help keep your winter season running smoothly. The best way to limit distractions is to keep your HR department organized and efficient. That means documents are organized, vacation/sick time is thoroughly tracked, employee information is up-to-date, using the best onboarding processes for new employees, and easy access to communications with your employees. If getting this organized seems like a big task for your company, you can count on iRestore’s proficient Human Resource Systems to help you get organized quickly and painlessly! By the New Year, your human resources department could be one of the most effective and efficient departments in y0ur company.

Benefits of using Restoration Management Software

  1. Easy Tracking Of Certifications and Expiration Dates – Your employees need to remain at the top of their game to be the best in the restoration business. That means that they must maintain certifications and training. Whether your company has 5 or 50 employees on hand, managing certifications is a must! With our Restoration Management Software, your company can easily track and record employee certifications, re-certification dates, and expirations.
  2. Vacation Time/Sick Time – No more trying to track and record vacation and sick time with complicated formulas in Excel. Our system is set-up to make tracking vacation and sick time a breeze.
  3. Clear Communications – Do you need to update y0ur employees with new information from time-to-time? Is it difficult to get all of y0ur employees together at the same time? When you provide 24-hour service – you may not see some of your employees on a regular basis which can make it a struggle to get important updates and announcements to every individual. Keep y0ur employees in the loop with our easy-to-use employee communications, with a click of a button you can text or email every employee and keep everyone on the same page.
  4. Employee Tool And Equipment Tracking – If keeping track of employee equipment is proving to be a nightmare, wake-up and start fresh with a robust system that allows you to assign essential equipment like meters, ipads, and laptops to your employees. Get rid of the headache of trying to keep track of who has what – our unique and comprehensive software will help you stay on top of day-to-day tasks so that you can focus more on your customers and the health of your company.

Don’t brush it off until y0u have tried it. Our Restoration Management Software is an affordable and easy solution to your daily human resource challenges. Don’t take our word for it – Request Your Demo Today!

iRestore’s Referral Chart Reference Guide

To get the most out of your iRestore reporting system and features, it is critical to collect thorough and accurate information at the onset of the job. We have designed a Referral Chart Reference guide that can be adjusted to track based on your company’s needs. Check it out below:

restoration management, restoration management software

Tips on how to use your Referral Chart Reference Guide:
1. Train your team to collect the right information with the use of the chart.
a. Consistency is key.
b. Ask the right questions of your customer at the right time.

2. Utilize the reporting features to constantly evaluate the results and sources of your revenues.
a. Share reports with the appropriate team members.
b. Have a routine meeting schedule. For example, evaluate key reports once a week.

Contracts and Legal Documents: A Breakdown

“The purpose of a contract is to establish the agreement that the parties have made and to fix their rights and duties in accordance with that agreement. The courts must enforce a valid contract as it is made, unless there are grounds that bar its enforcement.”

restoration management, restoration management software

Although contracts may not be the most fun part of running our operations, they are necessary to protect our companies, customers and business partners. They are also part of the legal landscape in which we do business. It is part of our everyday operations to execute a variety of contracts and legal documents during the rendering of our services. Some of our most commonly utilized contracts include, but are not limited to Emergency Service Authorizations, Repair Contracts and Certificates of Satisfaction. Since many contract laws are dictated by your state, it is advisable to have your legal documents reviewed to ensure compliance.

The following list includes some considerations to review in your day to day operations:

  • Right of Rescission: In many states there is a “Right to Rescind” a contract, which is often three days. When executing an Emergency Service Authorization, evaluate the need to also execute a Waiver of the Right to Rescind due to the fact that the services and completion typically happen immediately or within the time allowed to rescind.
  • Change Orders: This must be executed consistently on repair contracts or you may impair your ability to enforce and protect the company.
  • Waiver of Liability: It is good to have a template with some language ready so that the company is prepared to execute in a variety of circumstances that you may encounter in your day to day.

restoration management, restoration management software


  • Waiver for Water Losses: Consider giving access to a Waiver for Water Losses form that is ready to go during the monitoring process of your water loss. View a sample waiver for water losses here.
  • Subcontractor Contracts: It is important to have contracts with your subcontractors that establish a legal basis for responsibilities, expectations and liabilities in the execution of work with your company.
  • Employment Contracts: Review and evaluate the need for employment contracts and agreements.
  • Other Contracts: “Always read the fine print.” In the juggle of our fast-paced worlds, it is tempting to skip the step of reading contracts that we sign in their entirety. I can tell you from personal experience; it is best to read and fully understand all contracts that you execute.

Give The Team Understanding To Increase Engagement of Basic Functions

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin


industry tips, restoration management, restoration management software


It is not uncommon for company leadership to become frustrated by inconsistencies in our organization’s most basic functions. Everything from job documentation, to proper equipment placement or to putting a piece of equipment back where it belongs can create a tidal wave of inefficiencies and frustrations.

If training, procedures and expectations include the opportunity to engage and involve the team, it may increase engagement and results. This can be done by giving the team understanding. When we take the time to explain the value to the organization and the consequences of not doing something as prescribed, you give the gift of understanding even the most basic functions.

Sometimes things do not get consistently executed because the person who likely is continually reprioritizing the day may not realize or understand the importance of the task at hand or realize the consequence of not doing it right or at all. Our technology allows for ease of execution, but it does not replace the need to engage the team at a higher level to help give them understanding.

Check out this article I wrote for Restoration and Remediation Magazine on the importance of not letting technology replace the need for knowledge and understanding here.

A simple example is the failure to document one meaningful note in a job. The implication can be far reaching: Unable to answer a simple question when the customer calls, inability to tell the complete story of the job, implications to the billing, estimate, or collection of payment, and ultimately liability and vulnerability to the organization. Consider the fact that the item that was not documented could be regarding a pre-existing condition of a $10,000 area rug!

All of these issues may be avoided if the team consistently utilized their iRestore documentation system. In a matter of 30 seconds or less, it can be as easy as hitting the add job note button, hitting the voice record button and recording the note with voice to text.

Happy iRestoring!

The Value Of The “Call” After The Initial “Call”

The phone rings and you are called to duty. Whether it is a new water loss, fire, or mold, you have been given the opportunity to serve and the opportunity to fulfill your mission as a restorer.  As important as it is to deliver high-quality services in a timely manner to your new customer, we do so with the understanding that beyond each individual person you serve lays more opportunity. Consider the following:

  1. Branding: The neighbors of the new customer will see your truck with your company logo and phone number.  Everyone who sees you in action on the way to that job will be touched by your brand. Keep your fleet looking clean as they are out and about representing your organization; this will help lead to referrals from those in your community who “saw your trucks.”
  2. A New Happy Customer:  Once you have successfully served your new customer, you have a new fan.  Consider the power of a new promoter of your organization. The following Harvard Business Review touches upon the concept of a Net Promoter and the power of developing the relationship:
    • Reviews: The Acquirly system is a great tool to engage your new Promoter to give you a raving review online, positively impacting your SEO and your credibility with the next potential new customer.
    • Referrals: Friends, family, and neighbors who have a disaster are likely going to hear from your previous customer regarding who they should call for help.
  3. Other Relationships to Develop: Serving a new customer gives you the opportunity to build relationships based on credibility and trust.
    • Adjusters: Communication and well-documented loss information can help you build a foundation for a long-term positive relationship.  Read more in the following article: Adjusters are People Too
    • Agents: Insurance agents are at times in the sphere of influence during an insurance claim.  Serving a mutual customer is a great way to start or build a relationship.
    • Other: There are a variety of other contacts and interested parties that may be involved in a job that may lead to opportunities to build and foster relationships for future referrals.


To enjoy all the opportunity that lies within each loss and call, your team must consistently operate at peak performance in their service to others. Although there is not a simple formula to ensure this, the following is a list of things to consider:

  1. Execution:  There are processes and details that must be consistently executed and documented.
    • Checklists
    • Contracts
    • Moisture Monitoring and Logging
    • Scopes/Pictures/Notes
    • Equipment Tracking and Documentation
    • Tasks
  2. Communications: Effective and proactive communications are essential within the organization, both with those served and interested parties. There are a variety of means and preferences of communication in today’s world: email, phone, and text, to name a few.  The expectations of those we serve regarding quality, quantity, and types of communications is a constantly evolving demand that must be met.
  3. CRM:  Managing and engaging the new positive relationships that were formed is necessary to enjoy all the benefits from the new customer, the new referral sources and the new opportunities that can be enjoyed from successfully serving.


iRestore is a restoration management software system that is affordable, user-friendly and designed by Restorers for Restorers.  It is a solution to effectively manage the job from the time the phone rings until it is complete.

This software includes a fully integrated CRM that will even allow you to continually engage previous customers and other important relationships.

iRestore can help you realize The Value of the “Call” after the initial “Call”. Although iRestore will not be able to clean your vehicle, it can help you keep your fleet running and well maintained.