​​Restoration Project Management Software For Your Business

​​Restoration Project Management Software For Your Business

Restoration Project Management Software

Restoration Project Management SoftwareIt’s amazing how many project managers overlook the business side of restoration projects. Read more to learn more about what you can do to increase the efficiency of your construction business, and then implement this knowledge in your business today.

Restoration Project Management Software For Your Business

Project management software helps businesses manage their projects and processes. It provides a centralized place to store information and documents, and it keeps track of tasks, timelines, and budgets. Restoration project management software is not that different from regular project management software in terms of what it does–it helps restoration companies plan out, execute, keep track of, and close out restoration projects.

One example of restoration project management software is iRestore. This system enables your team to work more efficiently by providing all the tools for managing your business in one place:

  • A client portal for easy communication with clients about progress on projects
  • Digital document storage for keeping crucial information like estimates organized
  • A calendar to help plan out and schedule projects so you can complete them on time
  • Invoicing tools that help keep you paid as quickly as possible

What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is a tool that can be used to help organize, plan, track and analyze the work you need to do for your business. It makes communication and collaboration easy for projects and helps ensure tasks are completed on time.

Project management software is not just a tool for large businesses with teams of employees dedicated to project management. In fact, it is an extremely valuable tool even if you are a small business owner who only has a few people working with you at any one time.

Why did we create iRestore?

If you’re a restoration professional, you know how challenging it can be to keep track of multiple projects at once. You have millions of things to do, and it seems like there’s always something that needs your attention and then some.

We created iRestore because we were frustrated with the lack of good options out there for restoration project management. We’re restoration industry veterans, and we know how hard it is to find software that matches your needs—and your budget.

After years of trying to make do with the wrong tools, we decided it was time to make our own software. And that’s how iRestore was born.

The goal of iRestore has always been to solve the problems that are unique to the restoration business and make it easier for you to run every aspect of your company from one place. So you can get back to doing what you love—restoring buildings!

The Main Features of iRestore

iRestore, the all-in-one business management software, is your best bet for boosting productivity and getting more done in less time. Here’s a quick rundown of the main features that are going to help you get there:

  • A calendar to help you track your appointments, keep you on task, and help you manage your time better
  • Reports to help you understand your data and the way in which your company is performing
  • Workflow management tools that allow you to set up and administer each individual aspect of your operation
  • Vendor management tools that help you manage contracts, pricing, and more regarding the vendors your business uses
  • Customer management tools that help you keep track of leads and existing customers, note any sales or customer service history with them, and send them information about new offers or discounts as needed
  • Tools for managing tasks and jobs—ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and that everything is being tracked properly from start to finish. This includes detailed information about each job, pictures uploaded by staff members, notes related to the job’s progress or customer interactions, interactive maps showing where jobs are located, equipment records related to those jobs (including warranty information), billing details for each job, and profitability reports for each job.

The Competitive Edge of iRestore

iRestore is a full-service project management software. This software allows you to manage every aspect of your restoration business, from scheduling and dispatching to invoicing and reporting. But iRestore isn’t only industry specific; it helps you streamline and improve many of your daily processes as well.

One of the top benefits of using iRestore is that it’s easy to use and implement into your business, regardless if you have just started out or have been in business for years. You can easily take advantage of iRestore’s simplistic interface and start putting all the features to work for you. With the supported integration capabilities, you can keep all the information from your work orders flowing between systems with ease.

Restoration Project Management Software

As a restoration business owner, you are constantly busy. You don’t have the time or energy to deal with running your business and a separate project management software. You need something simple and effective that can handle the job for you without being a pain in the neck to work with.

iRestore is the perfect software for your needs. If you are not using it already, then you should start as soon as possible. It will make your life so much easier and improve your business at the same time.

iRestore is easy to use, affordable and accessible from anywhere at any time. It does everything that other project management softwares do, but better and easier! This is why iRestore is so popular in many different industries including restoration companies like yours. Try our unique platform.

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