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Photos: A Critical Component of File Documentation

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Photos are an important part of file maintenance for a variety of reasons. They are used as communication and reporting tools while also protecting your company’s interest. Specifically, the management of your photos within your operation affect the following:

Building Relationships:

  • With Insurance Carriers and Adjusters: Well organized photographs submitted in conjunction with your estimate will help you build relationships with the carriers and adjusters that you are working with. Read more hereBuilding Relationships with Adjusters.

  • With Insurance Agents and Other Interested Parties: By utilizing photos to communicate job progress and incorporate within reports, you will impress those you are working with on current jobs and you may have the opportunity to build long term relationships for the future.
  • Through Marketing and Social Media: The saying, “A picture tells a thousand words” still holds true and is more important than ever. Encourage your entire team to takes photos of their work and the team in action. Social Media, newsletters, blogs, presentations, and general marketing materials all look better with great pictures that will help engage potential customers.

Protect Your Team and Company:

  • When used properly as supporting documentation, photos may help you get your estimates approved and paid faster.
  • Taking thorough photos of pre-existing conditions of both the structure and contents help protect your team and company.
  • Photograph general conditions and other factors that may affect the delivery of your services. For example, an open window on a hot humid day may affect your drying progress.

Properly Label Photos:
The following is a list of photos to consider making part of your protocol.

  • Affected Areas
  • Cause of Loss
  • Daily Equipment
  • Daily Meter Readings
  • Debris Removal
  • Debris in Dumpster / Truck
  • Front Risk (Structure)
  • General Conditions and Other Meaningful Photos
  • Job Progress
  • Post Project
  • Pre-existing Conditions
  • Subrogating Factors (If Applicable)

Photos have become an important component of restoration management. It can be cumbersome and have an administrative consequence. iRestore was designed to accommodate and help you manage all of your job-related photos.

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