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Building Strong Customer Relationships With Restoration Management Software

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restoration management software, client relationship software, customer management softwareMost restoration companies know that to be successful, they need to take the time to build relationships. The relationships you have with other businesses, insurance agents and adjusters, potential clients and current clients can make or break your business. But, building and establishing relationships can take a little bit of time and work – and good record keeping!

One thing that a lot of restoration companies miss out on is having a great CRM Management program that can help them keep track of and store valuable information about their contacts. Without the right kind of customer management software, you could be running blindly and will eventually find yourself trying to re-build broken connections – or losing them altogether.

Here are some common mistakes many businesses make while trying to build and maintain relationships outside of the business that can be resolved with management software designed specifically for restoration companies.

  1. Forgetting Customer-Related Tasks– How many times have you got on the phone with a client just to find out that you did not do something that you said you were going to do? Though it may be a small, simple mistake, statistics show that after one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again. Think about your experience with a company that failed to provide information that you needed or respond back to you when they say they will; your customer experience quickly deteriorates.
  2. Not Following Up – An estimated 89% of businesses compete through the level of customer experience they’re able to deliver. Customer service doesn’t stop after a service has been provided but can continue to build after a restoration project is completed by following up on customer satisfaction. With CRM management software, your ability to track job status and set follow-up tasks with an individual client is simple and easy. You won’t miss out on an opportunity to gather customer feedback, request a review, and thank your client for their business ever again.
  3. Missed Connections – When your business has several people working in different fields that need to be contacted about a job, it can be really easy for a potential client to get overlooked or an appointment for an evaluation to be missed. This is often related to an employee not receiving contact information or the wrong contact information. You can avoid that problem with our restoration management software because it allows you to email or call any contact with just a click of a button.
  4. Gathering Data – Helpful marketing data is often overlooked due to disorganization in client information. When data is missing, you can miss out on helpful marketing information like where your jobs are coming from and what marketing avenue is a good source of income for you. Restoration management software by iRestore is a great place to keep track of where your leads are generated so you can make more effective marketing decisions for your company.

Organization is key. With effective restoration management software, you will be able to build and maintain client information easily and by each employee that has contact with your clients. The information that you collect and use can help you build strong relationships, catch easy-to-make mistakes, provide optimal customer service, and gather valuable feedback – in one simple program. Contact iRestore to request a demo today.

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