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Restoration Management Software Benefits – Starting A Restoration Company

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restoration management software, hr management softwareSo, you are starting a restoration company – congratulations! A restoration company can be a very lucrative business for business owners who take the right steps during the startup process. Business owners understand the need for updated licenses and certifications, insurance and even marketing. What many restoration business owners aren’t often aware of is their need for the best management systems. Restoration management software offers a ton of value to business owners and to their employees. iRestore offers the best in restoration management tools and can help you get your company off the ground and headed in the right, organized, and efficient direction to make sure your company has the resources it needs to grow and profit.

Job Management

Losing track of different jobs and documents makes running a restoration company simply chaotic. You can avoid mistakes and simple errors by utilizing the job management feature of our restoration management software. Not only does the software synch across all platforms so that employees on the field can easily communicate with employees in the office, but the ability to use different platforms means that documents and information can be stored quickly and easily, reducing the chances of misplacing documents or losing valuable information.

Relationship Management

Have you thought about what it takes to build relationships with clients and referral sources? iRestore’s restoration management software is fully equipped with a robust relationship management system that gives you the tools you need to build long-lasting relationships with those that will help your company grow.

Equipment Management

Keeping track of equipment signed out on jobs, equipment maintenance, and equipment loss/need is not easy if it is not successfully managed. With restoration management software by iRestore, you can easily store equipment data that is necessary to keep your business running smoothly. Scheduling jobs can be nearly impossible if you don’t know where equipment is and when it is expected to be returned. Keeping equipment running well is a challenge if it is not maintained and repaired effectively. Keep track of what is happening with your equipment and keep your business moving forward.

Human Resources

Running a new business isn’t just about managing your jobs and your clients. To be successful, you need to be able to manage your employees effectively. From training to certifications to insurance information and health records, keep your employees up-to-date and cared for. Our restoration management software also provides the ability to text and/or email all employees with the click of a button – great for sharing safety tips, urgent announcements, and more.

Restoration Management Software – iRestore

We know that you want to start your new restoration company with the best solutions in mind. While you are busy hiring new employees, networking for new clients, and prepping your company with the best equipment, our restoration management software can help you store that information easily and keep you moving in the right direction. Contact iRestore to learn more about the best in restoration management software and how it can help you meet your business needs. Request a demo today!

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