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33 Mile Radius’ New Tracking System

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Contractors can now easily measure the performance of their marketing campaigns thanks to 33 Mile Radius’ freshly launched call tracking system designed for disaster mitigation, restoration and home services contractors. Check out their recent press release to learn more:


irestore, restoration management, restoration management software


33 Mile Radius recently announced a new call tracking system for disaster mitigation, restoration, and home services contractors. Their new call tracking system takes the guesswork out of measuring the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Contractors can now create their own individual call tracking phone number for each marketing or advertising campaign and easily see which is performing the best. They can requisition both local and toll-free phone numbers, which are then routed through the call system to their chosen destination number.

“As a core component to our lead generation platform, we’ve learned a lot about call tracking over the last seven years,” said 33 Mile Radius CEO Tim Gill. “We’ve built all of that knowledge into our new call tracking system. Contractors can now track the performance of their marketing campaigns from our easy to use call tracking dashboard.”

Through the call tracking dashboard, contractors can easily create and manage call tracking campaigns. The dashboard also provides call statistics, a recording of each incoming call, and a field for notes.

There is no contract or set up fee for the call tracking system from 33 Mile Radius. Each phone number is billed at a fixed monthly rate, with a call usage charge of 4¢ per minute. Local numbers cost $5 per month and toll-free numbers are $10 per month.

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