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Introducing You To The New and Improved iRestore

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Where did our new tagline “Powering your Vision, Values & Leadership” come from? At iRestore, we believe in being your complete solution to operating your restoration company effectively and efficiently. We are a user-friendly tool that serves your company by serving the individuals and the team while supporting excellence in service. However, true success comes from the Vision, Values, and Leadership within your organization. We provide the system and support through our software that is designed by restorers for restorers. We will help you in “Powering your Vision, Values & Leadership.” Learn more about our thoughts on core and shared values by reading my Restoration & Remediation article “Restoring Success: Core and Shared Values.” You can find all of my monthly Restoring Success articles here.

irestore, restoration management, restoration management software

The Concept of Core and Shared Values

Whether your organization has them or not, they exist. You may have to dig a little and reflect. If you are a new company, this may seem like a fruitless task, but there is no better time than when you are starting out and beginning to build the organization to develop a set of shared values. If you know what they are but don’t have them in writing, take a time out and get them down on paper.

Your shared values can define who you are as a company – it’s your personality and can serve as a compass as you grow. They should be shared with prospective new employees so they know the values of the company, and they should be reviewed and chanted as a team in your company meetings so that they are always the part of each person delivering your service.

If you do not have a set of shared values yet, here is a little help to get you started:

1. Maintain a positive and open work environment by providing honest and constructive feedback on job performance.

2. Be sensitive and responsive to the needs of the communities where we live and do business.

3. Take pride in your presentation and professionalism as a company.

4. Aggressively seek opportunities to grow and improve your business.

Around 10 statements that reflect your values as an organization can serve you well for years to come. Make it your own.

Of course, it’s easy to just put these values on paper. The challenging part comes when you have to ask yourself if the values are truly being reflected in the day-to-day operations of your business.

We have all heard the saying “it starts at the top.” To make your shared values align with your operations, it starts with the leadership. Owners and managers should start with themselves and behaviors should be reflective of your company values. Hold each other accountable to shared values. Acting contrary to a shared value is very harmful to an organization and those acting contrary need to be held accountable. Conversely, reward those who live by the values.

Schedule a demo today, and see how this affordable software solution can help you operate your restoration company!

Best wishes for your success.

iRestore Vice President of Operations

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