Importance of Clear Responsibility in Your Restoration Company

industry tips, restoration management, restoration management software

industry tips, restoration management, restoration management software

There are lots of moving parts in our restoration companies. For our operations to run smoothly, it is critical for everyone to know and execute their roles and responsibilities. It is equally important that there are accountabilities in place. There are many tools that allow us to operate with clearly communicated expectations: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), best practices, policies, job descriptions, and the list goes on.

On jobs, it is important that all job-related tasks are executed with appropriate attention to detail. Tasks necessary to execute a given scope of work should be assigned to a person who will ultimately be responsible for the execution and accountable to the organization and its purpose.

What happens to a new technician when a company does not clearly communicate their responsibilities in the execution of a job? Find out from one of my recent articles for Restoration and Remediation Magazine – Restoring Success: Assignment of Responsibility.

Also, be sure to check out the story of Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody. With iRestore, you can employ the power of our task management feature to keep this from happening on your jobs.

Happy iRestoring!

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