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Why I’m Passionate About Helping You

irestore, restoration management, restoration management software

irestore, restoration management, restoration management software


I am thrilled to have this new role with iRestore. As I grew in my career as a professional restorer, my passion became restoration company operations. I get great satisfaction from making our company better by developing processes and procedures. My approach is to consider everyone affected in the organization and how I can make their job better, help them best serve and ultimately improve the operation with a happy customer at the end. Before I entered the restoration industry and fell in love with it, I worked in accounting. This taught me to build checks and balances into systems for consistent effectiveness and optimal efficiency. In my role in our training center at the Restoration Technical Institute, nothing gives me greater pleasure than a conversation about flow and operational development.

In my role as VP of Operations Design, I will be working directly with Ryan and our software developers to contribute to the design and development of iRestore so that it is best serving its purpose to power your team. I think through every movement, every piece of data, every service objective and every element of running the company – from the time the phones rings until the time the job is done, from the time you purchase a vehicle to the time that you dispose of it and from the time you hire a person and they stay forever. It is almost a dream come true to be able to contribute to the design of iRestore and fulfill my passion for operations in our industry with my passion for helping others.

I will never be done and that is exciting too. Our industry is evolving rapidly and your iRestore will evolve with it so that we will succeed in meeting the challenges that we face together down the road. As everything changes, we will be changing along with it so we can be your partner in powering your one guaranteed constant – your vision, values and leadership. I look forward to working with all of the existing iRestore organizations and those of the future.

Sincerely Yours,

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